From 15 July, Estonian residents will be able to enter the country without quarantine when traveling from Estonia to Norway (incl. Holiday and leisure trips). Please follow the map on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s website, which is updated every two weeks. If you arrive in Norway from the “green” area, you will be released from quarantine. If you arrive in Norway from the “red” area, you must be quarantined.

More information:–revised-circular-relating-to-entry-into-force-of-the-regulations-relating-to-entry-restrictions-for-foreign-nationals-out-of-concern-for-public-health/id2724051/

Previous information:

From 16 March, in addition to Norwegian citizens, Norway will allow EU / EEA citizens with the right of residence and employment, as well as Norwegian EEA family members, family members of EEA citizens living in Norway, EEA citizens owning real estate in the country, and from 16.05 seasonal workers enter to the country.

The exact list can be found in the latest government circular 12/2020 – 12.06.2020. (see link below)

Citizens planning to come to Norway need to be aware that a number of practical obstacles may arise which make it difficult to travel to Norway (such as air traffic).

The Norwegian government has extended the recommendation to avoid unnecessary trips abroad until 20 August. Before 20 July, an assessment of the possibilities for individual trips to nearby European countries will be made.

All arrivals in Norway must remain in quarantine for 10 days, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. Must be prepared for the quarantine requirement to remain in force until the end of the summer.

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In order to prove residence in Norway, an EU / EEA citizen must present a proof of nationality at the border and an oral confirmation of residence in Norway. EEA nationals who have started or will start working in Norway for a period of three months or more shall be admitted to Norway. If necessary, you must be prepared to prove it.

Quarantine rules:

– all returnees to Norway from abroad.

– those who have been in contact with the person for up to 48 hours before the onset of his or her first symptoms.

– those who have been closer than 2 meters to a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 for 15 minutes.

Individuals who have been confirmed as having undergone COVID-19 will be released from quarantine for 6 months.

Caratine-bound foreigners who do not have symptoms of illness may leave Norway, taking the necessary precautions (keeping distance from fellow travelers). Transit through Norway is allowed for EEA citizens who need to travel through Norway to get home. This applies to all types of transport. Transit passengers are allowed to continue their journey without quarantine.

More about quarantine rules:

No border crossing point is completely closed. All transport of goods is to carry on as normal. Domestic air traffic will continue, with 9 national airports closed for commercial traffic since March 18. Further information:


NB! Please note that the situation may change rapidly.

The Embassy recommends monitoring the local situation through websites:


To visit the Embassy, ​​it is necessary to make an appointment by e-mail or phone.

Please keep in mind that you need to call the emergency number only in real-life emergencies (death, accidents, incarceration, etc.).

If in doubt, call your family doctor or call 116117.

Information about situation in Estonia can be found here:

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