The Baltic Way 30th anniversary celebrations in Oslo


Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania celebrate this year 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way. On the 23 August 1989,  at 7 pm, nearly two million people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined hands and formed a 600 km long human chain that ran from Tallinn to Riga to Vilnius. This unique  demonstration was held to remind the world of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact from exactly 50 years earlier – a pact that divided Europe and led to occupation of the three countries by the Soviet Union. With holding each other’s hands, the people of the three Baltic States wanted to demonstrate their quest for liberty and independence.


This anniversary will be marked in many places around Europe, as well as in Oslo. On the 23 August at 16:45, the Embassies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, together with the local communities, will hold an event at Eidsvoll Square in front of the Storting. There will be dancing and singing, as well as symbolic jogging. The welcoming words will be delivered by the President of the Storting  Ms Tone Wilhelmsen  Trøen.